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Neuhaus Announces State of Emergency & Short Term Rental Ban of Asylum Seekers During Migrant Crisis

GOSHEN – In the wake of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plans to temporarily send asylum seekers to live in a Town of Newburgh motel, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus Monday declared a state of emergency ordering all hotels, motels and any facilities allowing short term rentals not to accept any migrants or asylum seekers for housing within the County.

Neuhaus said while Mayor Adams has represented to county officials that some 60 adult male migrants or asylum seeks will be transported to Orange County, it has since learned the Adams’ administration has sought to house additional hundreds of migrants and/or asylum seekers at additional locations without notifying the county and as a result Orange County can no longer rely on the representations of New York City officials,” the executive order stated.

Just days ago, Rockland County Executive Ed Day issued a similar executive order preventing asylum seekers to staying at motels or hotels in that county.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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