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More Info About Orange County's New TRO Restraining Order Against Bussing of Migrant Asylum Seekers

Orange County seeks Restraining Orders to stop NYC from sending homeless population to County

Goshen, N.Y. – Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus on Friday filed two lawsuits on behalf of the County to stop the City of New York from illegally sending its homeless migrants and/or asylum seekers to the County. The first lawsuit is against both the Crossroads Hotel and Ramada by Wyndham, both located in the Town of Newburgh. This lawsuit is to stop these hotels from accepting New York City’s homeless migrants and/or asylum seekers in violation of the Order and Declaration of Emergency issued by Neuhaus earlier this week. The second lawsuit against New York City and Mayor Eric Adams is to stop the City from establishing unlicensed and unregulated homeless shelters in Orange County for these migrants and/or asylum seekers. Under State Law, the city is prohibited from setting up homeless shelters outside of the five boroughs in the manner it did this week. Earlier this week, both the State and City assured the Town of Newburgh and Orange County that no buses with asylum seekers would be here until further notice. However, a day later asylum seekers arrived at the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh. “Unlike Rockland County, which had a hotel that wasn’t in compliance with existing permitting requirements, the hotels in Orange County had valid permits to exist as short-term rentals. Accordingly, the time to sue could not effectively start until the individual's Mayor Eric Adams sent here arrived, and these permitted short-term rental units were converted into long-term homeless housing shelters, which is not legal,” explained Orange County Attorney Rick Golden. Added Neuhaus: “New York City is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city and needs to fix this problem Orange County now faces. This issue was created by Mayor Adams and the Federal government’s failed immigration policies.”

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