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Moratorium On Warehouses In Wallkill

Site cleared for three warehouses along Silver Lake-Scotchtown Road in the Town of Wallkill

WALLKILL – In a unanimous vote Thursday night, the five-member Wallkill Town Board voted to impose a six-month moratorium “prohibiting the review and approval of applications for the development of warehouse and distribution facilities.”

The vote was taken without comment from any of the board members. Several facilities have cropped up in Wallkill and other areas of the Mid-Hudson Valley and others are in varying stages of the application process, site clearing or development.

At a public hearing last month, developers, union construction workers and a representative of the Orange County Partnership urged the board not to adopt the moratorium while local residents supported it.

Developer Isaac Newman, who has town approvals to build a hotel off East Main Street in the town, told Mid-Hudson News a moratorium would not negatively impact demand. He said developers would have to wait a little longer for approvals, but would in the end, move forward with their projects.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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