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Letter #4 Supporting Virginia Scott for Cornwall Town Supervisor



From 2014 until last year, I had the privilege of leading the Cornwall Democratic

Committee (“CDC”) as our party experienced historic growth and success in the Town of Cornwall. I’m not writing in that former party role, nor in the party role I now have, that of 99th Assembly District Delegate to the NYS Democratic Committee. I write as a Cornwall Democrat who knows both candidates in this year’s June 27 primary.

Two years ago, then-Councilman Josh Wojehowski challenged Supervisor Richard Randazzo for our party’s nomination for Supervisor. This year, the tables are turned, and Councilwoman Virginia Scott is challenging Josh Wojehowski. A divided CDC narrowly endorsed Josh over Ginny for the Democratic nomination for Supervisor. But Cornwall’s Democrats will choose our party’s candidate. I’m supporting Ginny Scott because I know her to be dedicated to the most fundamental of public duties: protecting Cornwall’s residents and taxpayers from outside influence and unnecessary expense.

Not surprisingly, a lot of resources are being used to tilt the primary election in Josh’s favor. That’s perfectly legal but, before Cornwall Democrats cast their votes, they ought to ask why all that’s been necessary to support an incumbent with a record. These are challenging times, and way too much money and influence are being cast around Cornwall. Just like our Senator James Skoufis, Ginny Scott’s independent record shows that she serves ALL the residents of the community, regardless of party.

That’s why I hope you will vote for Virginia Scott in the June 27 primary.

Jonathan Chase

For contact:

Cornwall on Hudson, NY 12520

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