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Letter #3 Supporting Virginia Scott for Town Supervisor in Cornwall

I support Virginia Scott for Town Supervisor. I encourage you to join me in voting for Ginny in the Democratic Primary on June 27th.

I first met Ginny in 2017 when she was stepping up to run for county office. A dedicated teacher, mother, wife, sister, aunt, friend, and community volunteer, Virginia spent tireless hours knocking on doors for herself and other Democratic candidates. She is an “ordinary” person in that she doesn’t have deep pocket donors or political connections; but she is “extraordinary” in her integrity and in her idealistic belief in the democratic process.

Prior to winning a seat on the Cornwall Town Board in 2019, Ginny attended town board meetings for over a decade. I don’t think there are many in our community or on our current town board, the present supervisor included, who can boast of such long-term dedication to our town. She is a local citizen who cares about our community and who deeply believes in transparency in government, not just for herself but for all of us. After winning her first term, I watched her throw herself into this new responsibility with sincere gusto, determined to do a good job, aware of the natural learning curve, and humble enough to seek guidance and mentorship in her new position on the town board.

Is she feisty? Yes. Is she a fighter? Yes. Will she stand up against those she believes are acting out of self-interest rather than out of interest in our community? Yes. Those are good qualities to have in a public servant.

More importantly, is she honest, intelligent, hard-working, down-to-earth, and dedicated to the future of Cornwall? Yes.

For all these reasons and more, I look forward to voting for my friend, Virginia Scott, for Town Supervisor in this year’s Democratic Primary. I hope that you will join me.

Sarita Bhandarkar

Cornwall on Hudson, NY

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