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In Wabbitville, Children Hopped, Hooped, Marched & Hunted Special "Treasure Eggs"

It was a quintessential Washingtonville event, as if a time machine beamed us back to the 70's when life was less complicated. Children hula-hooped to the music of DJ Blizzard successfully for so long that they were asked to walk while they hula-hooped and then to walk backwards while twisting it on their hips until they could select a winner.

Hula Hoop Contest had some of the best hoopers going round and round

The music was a mix of retro and contemporary, so of course there were people singing along. Meanwhile little tots threw plastic rings closer and closer to the success of a ringer onto a pair of bunny ears. And there was hardly anyone at Vern Allen Park who wasn't wearing tall bunny ears or a beautiful and often gigantic Easter Bonnet and waiting eagerly to march behind the big white Easter Parade, chaperoned by the ladies of Walden Savings Bank. This year most of the children had apparently met him before, and rather than being a little frightened by the furry looking tall creature in cottony white, some ran right up and hugged him.

More love for Mr. Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny and Ladies of Walden Savings Bank coming through the crowd

Courier choice of best Easter Hat

Then the other highlight exploded into excitement when the countdown began for the Easter Egg Hunt. There were screams, jumping, running, and crawling while each child scrambled to fill their basket with as many little eggs as they could. But this time the excitement went way upscale because the little plastic eggs had gifts inside. When the gathering of eggs was over, the children sat down with friends or parents, and the real treasure hunt began. When opened some of the shiny eggs resulted in disappointment while others set off a squeal, an ear-to-ear grin, and a "Look Mommy, look what I got."

The day was perfect, with sunshine and a soft breeze. Many of the hundreds who came, sat and breathed in Spring and family love, while others chatted with old friends and made new ones (frequently carrying a Funnel Cake in hand). Even some really big dogs and small puppies made friends.

Big and little eyed each other for awhile and decided to be friends

The Wabbitville Easter Parade

Family adventures

A quiet moment looking for egg treasures

Food Court with Funnel Cakes

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