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Govenor Hochul Announces Sweeping New Concealed Carry Laws

By Edie Johnson (excerpts from CNN Reports)

With school and supermarket mass murders happening across the US, a new and terrifying assault weapon, one that can be concealed, has hit the streets.

In response, New York's Governor Hochul has announced some controversial sweeping concealed carry laws. And legal authorities, including Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler along with area judges, are asking for and imposing increasingly strict consequences to deter this growing danger and keep area citizens safe. Between the expansion of "shot-spotter" audio recorders that can alert a police precinct within minutes of a gunshot, and harsh sentencing of those carrying guns illegally (2 arrests of illegal possession resulted in 10 and 11-year sentences this past month), the law is designing major additional protective layers to their own policing arsenal.

Some extensive investigative reporting by CNN reporters resulted in their conclusion that "A device that can turn a semi-automatic handgun into a machine gun in moments is wreaking havoc on American streets." Their report included video from a police department in the Midwest of an officer going on a call and when he knocked on the door the suspect shot a volley of 30 bullets from a handgun adapted into a machine gun right through the door, killing the officer.

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