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Emergency Response To Receive Extra Funding

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

FEMA has announced funding to support county planning and operational readiness for disaster response in the Mid-Hudson and across the state.

The funding may be used to support management and administration activities, planning, staffing for emergency management agencies, equipment, training and exercises, construction and renovation of emergency operations centers, and maintenance and sustainment of GIS and interoperable communications systems.

The grants to Hudson Valley counties are:

Columbia$28,792 Delaware$23,092 Dutchess$117,175 Greene$23,560 Orange$145,578 Putnam$42,598 Rockland$122,529 Sullivan$34,241 Ulster$73,814 Westchester$362,887

To receive funding, counties must develop projects or initiatives that strengthen their own readiness and response capabilities to address all potential hazards. Projects may focus on addressing efforts identified by FEMA as needing national improvement, including logistics and catastrophic disaster housing and resilient communications.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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