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Easter and St. Paddy's Day Festival in Washingtonville - Irish Step Dancing Video, Courier Journal Easter Picks

Updated: Apr 2

Easter Cuteness Alert - Babies Dancing, Princesses and Princes with face painting, and bunnies, and bunnies and bunnies. This young lady

gets our Courier Journal Cuteness Award

Irish Step Dancing was one of the top

highlights of the combined Easter-St. Paddy's Day Fair

Village of Washingtonville - Continuing their practice of showing off their Community Spirit with what Village officials called an "Eggceptional Event", and "Eggspecially the Easter Bonnet contest and Irish Step Dancing, the attendees were treated by to the Sheahan-Gormley Irish School of Dance performance. If you had never seen Step Dancing up close and personal, those watching from the sidelines could not take their eyes off of the sparkling black tap shoes and the beautiful young girls with their feet clickety-clacking at practically warp speed in time with the music. The only time they slowed down a bit was to encourage a toddler who at first was a little timid about joining in, but then began a bit of her own version of step marching with what may well have been her first joyful dance steps ever.

Judy Garland may have had the iconic beautiful red shoes, but check out the black Irish tap shoes from the Sheahan-Gormley dancers.

After they were done and DJ Tony Flash continued the music another youngster had what was posssibly her first ever Daddy-Daughter Dance. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun, but I think that it was the Daddy, and of course the audience.


"In Your Easter Bonnet" Participants included a wide variety of styles and included separate age groups

Meanwhile other youngsters were making good use of the Easter photo set up areas with one young boy determined to show off his karate skills while a family member took video, and 2 other boys took turns having their pictures taken next to the big stuffed bunny.

This young man was intent on showing off his karate skills

As the program activities quieted down a bit, many children made good use of the Vern Allen Playground. The activities there ranged all the way from a bouncing board to live bunnies Celine the Unicorn from Reenies Rabbit Rescue.

The young man above went to make friends with the beautiful black bunny. He shared 1 treat, but the wind kicked up and the chilly rabbit literally dove under his mound of warm hay doing a quintessential "down the rabbit hole" trick.

One of the top favorite activities was young boys showing off their skills on the big climbing wave. One young fella was determined to get to the top. It took time and courage as he built his skill with the hand and footholds, but finally reached the tippy-top. Anyone who has climbed a very steep mountainside or even a really tall ladder can probably guess what happened next. He looked down over the top edge while flat on his belly and decided getting back down was a whole different challenge, and one he was not quite ready for. Mom and Dad and a couple of friends were right below, but after seeing him reach the top they started chatting for a few minutes and did not immediately hear him quietly say "Help!".

After another minute of consideration, still peeking down over the edge he called to them again and his dad went immediately over to the steep ladder and spotted him safely along the stairs downward and he was giddy with pride.

Two children who were even smaller chose challenges that were not quite as difficult ....the boy step walking along a curb and a girl "tightrope-walking" a board that appeared to be made exactly for that challenge.

Others of the young just rolled around on the grass and chased around the park at a pace that can only be called lightning fast. Still others, like this pretty girl wearing a fur-embellished outfit coats seemed to have decided that Easter was more about fashion.

With a chill in the air and gusts of cold wind, many hung out along the seemingly endless line of food trucks. Variety was the name of the game for a lot of eager "Foodies". Fourteen food trucks parked along the West edge of the Park and 14 craft and information tables were next to them.

Girl Scout Troops 327 and 564 manned a table with do-it-yourself soil and seed packets as a fundraiser for Sewell Park..

Some pups came with their owners to enjoy the party as well, and most were warmly bundled up.

The Events Committee Home Base for the day, and lots of trophies for the

Easter Bonnet Parade and Contest participants.

The event ended at about 5 o'clock, with a lot of tired but happy children, and tired but happy event coordinators as well, including Patrick Maiorino and his wife Justine (who always seems to be working so hard in the background that we don't get a picture of her, and all the other Community Event Committee members who worked very hard to make this Easter and Saint Patrick's Day such a success!

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