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Deputy Supervisor Doering Says "Goodbye" at Blooming Grove Reorganization Meeting

Deputy Supervisor, George Doering, Jr. Announces Resignation

Blooming Grove - After the obligatory annual read of 10 pages of Reorganization details line by line so they would be sure to become part of the record, Supervisor Rob Jeroloman gave what was a very unexpected announcement prior to the meeting, saying, "It is with a heavy heart we share that longtime Blooming Grove resident and my Deputy Supervisor, George Doering, Jr. will be resigning as of January 4." He praised Doering who he said had been "a great help" during his two terms as representative for Ward 5. With 63 years of municipal government experience, and as an ordained Episcopal minister, Doering was able to occasionally fill in without hesitation, making sure Town Board meeting procedures were followed when Jeroloman was attending an Association of Towns Meeting or such, and to lead meetings both professionally and with kindness. Doering praised Jeroloman and the other board members' leadership skills, saying they had all remained progress oriented, and that they did not blame any previous administrations for the numerous things that needed serious attention, like the Town Hall's leaky roof, antiquated cable system and town and district wells. "These", he said "are the things our team was able to accomplish because we worked as a unit." He added that he thinks most of the town employees are tremendous people and he was glad he was able to participate in the town's police department change of leadership when Chief Carl Schupp retired after four decades of service.

Cathy Acevedo is appointed Deputy Supervisor until the next election circuit.

Doering got some good laughs while joking about his 63 years of service

The Doerings are not going far. They have found that their large home in Blooming Grove was becoming too much to care for and are moving into a 55-yr and older complex in Campbell Hall where they won't have to worry about mowing, shovelling, and negotiating flights of stairs as they grow older. Lastly, he credited his wife, Angela, for tolerating his long and busy municipal and church life. She has also been a busy contributing resident as a member of the Ethics Committee and a former Town Comptroller.

Town Considers A Community Garden

In other news, along with progress in construction of the new Senior Center at Lasser Park, Ward 6 representative Steven Amante has proposed a large Community Garden that would have sections for residents to farm., and a separate new space for parking. The existing Community Garden on Old Dominion Rd. is being dismantled, and the hope is to move whatever equipment is is usable and movable from there to Lasser Park, and divide the space adjacent to the Senior Center into planting sections which residents would have access to on a "First come, first serve basis". The plan is still in its early stages, and Jeroloman emphasized that he wants to be sure associated costs per user are handled correctly since there are legal restrictions. He said he wants to compare the financial arrangements other towns with community gardens use to make sure that legal restrictions on profitability are followed while meeting any gardening costs.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks about progress on this Community Garden Plan.

For additional details about liaison assignments, committee assignments, salaries, meeting schedules, facility rental agreements, and the town's professional services list, see the January 3rd Town Board Agenda on its website.

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