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DEC Estuary Program Asks for help-Amphibians Are On The Move. Please Help them Cross Roads In Safety

Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings (AM&RC)

A Project of the NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program and Cornell University

Springing into Action: Possible Big Nights This Week!

After several warm days and continued snow melt, conditions look very promising for migration this week! If today's rain continues past sunset, we expect to see amphibians on the move tonight. There were a few AM&RC volunteer reports of wood frogs in mid-March, and spring peepers and wood frogs have been calling in some parts of the Hudson Valley, but there's certainly more activity to come. We're hoping we finally get truly "big" nights of migration and are also keeping an eye on the forecast for this weekend.

As always, you'll need to consider your local conditions. If you have rain and "warm" evening temperatures staying above 40F, then it's a good time to survey. While thawed ground is also important, some residual snow won't deter amphibians! But cold temperatures and dry ground will, so keep that in mind. If the rain doesn't come tonight, then Saturday looks hopeful.

Please follow all safety recommendations and review the volunteer resources on the project webpate to make sure you're prepared. If you are interested in more information check the following link to the DEC Amphibian Assistance Handbook Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project Volunteer Handbook (

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