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County Takes First Steps Toward A Dinosaur Park in Montgomery

Dinosaur Park in Fort Lee, NJ.

GOSHEN – Dinosaurs could be roaming the earth once again as a committee of the Orange County Legislature Monday took the first step at creating a dinosaur amusement park.

A developer has expressed interest in building a theme park with life-size mechanical beasts and the Physical Services Committee started the ball rolling on the idea.

Under the plan, the county would sell the Town of Montgomery 140 acres of land it owns between Bracken Road and Route 17K for just over $2 million. The property would only be used for tourism-recreation purposes. Stephen Brescia, the mayor of the Village of Montgomery and a county legislator, supports the plan. “I think it is one of the few chances that we have to sell property for what it’s worth. We’ve taken haircuts on many properties since I have been here – Salesian, Camp LaGuardia, the Dutchess Quarry, which might never happen. You have the Town of Montgomery Board unanimously supporting this,” he said.

The sale of the property will have to be approved by the full county legislature before it can be sold to the Town of Montgomery

Source: Mid-Hudson

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