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Colin Schmitt Formally Announces Campaign For New Windsor Town Supervisor

New Windsor (04/17/23) Republican and Conservative Party petitions have been filed to place Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C New Windsor) on the ballot for New Windsor Town Supervisor.

Over 400 signatures were collected by volunteers to ensure Schmitt appears on both party lines for the open seat Town Supervisor election. A Republican Primary Election will occur on June 27, 2023 and General Election Day is November 7, 2023.

The filing of petitions follows a months-long effort by local elected officials, small business owners and residents to recruit Schmitt to run for this critical position as Chief Executive of one the largest municipal governments in the Mid-Hudson region. This will be the first time in 30 years no incumbent will appear on the ballot in New Windsor for Supervisor.

Schmitt most recently represented the Town of New Windsor in the State Assembly for the last four years, where he was appointed ranking member of the Local Government’s Committee. Colin was previously Chief of Staff/Executive Assistant to the Supervisor in New Windsor and currently serves in an appointed Local Government position following the end of his legislative term. Recent election data shows Schmitt is the strongest performing Republican and Conservative candidate in New Windsor in over two decades.

Town Supervisor candidate and former Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “The Town of New Windsor needs new energized, competent leadership to secure its future. I have had the privilege to serve and represent my neighbors in New Windsor at the state and local level and now I am ready to step up and serve as Town Supervisor. With unmatched knowledge and experience to run local government I am ready to run and will win any primary or general election campaign necessary to serve this wonderful town my wife and I care deeply about. I thank the countless local residents who reached out urging me to seek this position. I am ready on day one to run an effective, efficient and competent operation at Town Hall.”

Schmitt continued, “Each and every day that I serve as Town Supervisor I will put the interests of all New Windsor residents first. Using my unmatched experience in local government I will work to deliver affordability through conservative fiscal management and taxpayer relief, economic development to fill our empty storefronts, public safety and preservation of our community and natural resources for every corner of our town. I am asking for everyone's vote on Republican Primary Day June 27th and General Election Day November 7th.”

Town of New Windsor Highway Superintendent Anthony Fayo stated, “I am grateful that our former Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has answered the call of countless New Windsor residents to serve as Town Supervisor. We need a competent leader, who will represent Republican and Conservative values and ensure all residents are properly served by our town government. There is no more qualified candidate for this critical position living in the Town today than Colin. I have worked with Colin as Assemblyman and when he was Chief of Staff in New Windsor- Colin was available 24/7 in every role he has ever held working for us and delivering real results. Colin has a proven track record of supporting our local police and first responders, delivering funding increases for our local roads and infrastructure, economic development, tax cuts and supporting our seniors. He will make all residents proud. I fully support Colin Schmitt and ask every resident to join me in making Colin Schmitt our next Town Supervisor.”

Pat Mullarkey, former Deputy Supervisor for the Town of New Windsor stated, “I have known Colin Schmitt for nearly twenty years. I have seen first hand how dedicated he is to New Windsor and all constituents he serves. Over and over again he has gone above and beyond for New Windsor as both our Assemblyman and Chief of Staff in the Town. From sponsoring the original summer Friday night movie nights, to working across the aisle to force CSX to repair their damaged rail crossings in town, to securing grants to restore Woodlawn Cemetery, building at not cost to taxpayers the inclusive playground at Kristi Babcock Park, to securing funding for our local fire department, our local roads and local tax relief. He has values and principles of service to others, we need that more than ever in our local government. Schmitt is a proven entity here. New Windsor residents and voters know him and they know they can trust him. He has my vote and full support. I am glad that he answered the call to serve our town and I know he will win.”

Alice Biasotti, former Deputy Supervisor for the Town of New Windsor stated, “Colin Schmitt has my full support to be our next Town Supervisor. I served on the Town Board for many years and know it takes a strong, competent leader who residents can rely on to be our Chief Executive. I can guarantee you that Colin Schmit is exactly what we need at this time. Colin has been an outspoken leader for community preservation and water quality and safety across the state. Fighting for legislation, funding and actions to protect communities in the Hudson Valley. New Windsor needs that type of serious leadership moving forward. Colin is a local guy, accessible, eminently qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated. Let us not also forget Schmitt’s military service, having been stationed right here for a while in New Windsor, and his unwavering support for our veterans, a member himself in our local American Legion and Catholic War Veterans posts. Join me in voting for our next Town Supervisor Colin Schmitt.”

Fayo, Mullarkey and Biasotti will serve as Co-Chairs of the Schmitt for Supervisor campaign.

Chairman of the Orange County Conservative Party John Delessio stated, “The Orange County Conservative Party is proud to endorse and support Colin Schmitt for New Windsor Town Supervisor. Colin has a proven track record of conservative leadership that will serve all residents of New Windsor well. His governmental qualifications along with military service and resume of experience make him the most qualified candidate to run and serve as Chief Executive of New Windsor. He has received a significant number of votes on the Conservative Line in New Windsor in his previous elections, increasing each time he is on the ballot. We look forward to supporting his election and watching his service in this new role in local government.”

Colin Schmitt is committed to public service. Colin is a member of the U.S. Army National Guard and former Assemblyman for the 99th NYS Assembly District which included the Town of New Windsor as its largest town. Colin lives in the Town of New Windsor with his wife Nikki and their beloved rescue dog Quincy!

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