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BREAKING -New Windsor Supervisor Spot Candidates Only 3 votes Apart With Schmitt Leading

Candidates Colin Schmitt and Steve Bedetti Absentee and Affadavit votes yet to be counted.

In New Windsor's hard fought race for Town Supervisor, with regular votes counted Colin Schmitt is 3 votes ahead of Steve Bedetti. Both have impressive resumes, Bedetti currently holding a Council seat and active in work with local first responder groups. Colin Schmitt, was formerly the 2-term Assembly representative for Orange and Westchester counties, Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to Supervisor George Meyers, and was a close 2nd in last year's Congressional race against Pat Ryan. Before being Assemblyman , however, endorsed Bedetti in this contest. Schmitt serves as a Sergeant in the Army Reserves.

While the difference of 3 votes is barely a hair's width in the race a a whole, there are still about 40 votes to talley athat will be voming in between now and July 5. The hard work by both these candidates resulted in one of the highet primary vote counts in the region with Schmitt receiving 754 Bedetti's 754 .

Remaining votes to be counted during the coming week include about 84 votes from absentee and affadavit votes.

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