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BREAKING: Fire Officials Determine July Fire at LaGuardia Likely Was Caused by Arson

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The fire at the rear of the former Camp LaGuardia/Orange County Development Area has reportedly been determined to have most likely been caused by arson. More information pending!

Orange County Deputy Commissioner of Fire Services, Vince Tankasali, told the Courier Journal that after a thorough investigation of the site they found nothing that could have started the flames onsite spontaneously in or around the 2 buildings which were empty with the exception of a couple of mattresses. Further investigation of the potential arson has been turned over to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Two young boys were at the site the day of the fire and were interviewed by the Sheriff's Department. The results of those interviews have not at this time been disclosed.

We have requested any additional information from the Orange County Government offices as it becomes available.

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