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Blooming Grove Police Officers Recognized for Skill & Heroism

This month's final Town Board Meeting in Blooming Grove began with Police Chief Alex Melchiorre thanking Supervisor Jeroloman and Town Board menbers for the support they have given the department, especially during this past year. He and Sergeant Kevin Wakeham proceeded to call 4 members of the Blooming Grove Police Department who displayed extraordinary skill and courage while responding to police calls. The Town Hall was filled with friends, family members, and fellow Police Department officers to celebrate the commendations.

Chief Melchiorre gives the honors.

Dispatcher Sharon Post was first up, with Wakeham describing the tact and intelligence she showed when responding to a 911 call regarding a Mt. Lodge homicide in 2018. She kept the 911 caller calm, getting some details of the situation while alerting 6 police officers and emergeny responders. Sgt. Wakeham added that the honor was long overdue given the outstanding service she has provided over the years. Chief Melchiorre gave her the commendation.

Officer Michael Krafft received his commendation for risks he took making a firearm arrest after seeing a 9 mm handgun during an expired registration traffic stop in Kiryas Joel

Police Officer Miller

Police Officer Joel Hahn

Next up, Sgt. Wakeham called up Officers Miller and Hahn who had arrived at a home on November 30, 2022 with smoke and CO2 obviously coming from a faulty generator. Miller went into the house despite the risk to his own safety and removed the body of an unconscius male, bringing the man outside and lying him on the lawn. Officer Hahn arrived and also risked his life going in the house nd finding a second individual, also unconscious. He brought the man outside and placed him on the lawn next to the other individual.

Both of the unconscious men received lifesaving treatment from the officers, Monell Fire Department, and a Blooming Grove Ambulance team. They regained consciousness, their lives saved thanks to the officers' bravery.

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