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BG Board Workshop Clears Table, Continues Progress on New Senior Center

Work continues to move forward on the Town's new Senior Center at Lasser Park. A resolution was passed authorizing an $115,000 increase in the budgeted amount for Engineering Services provided by D&B Engineers and Architects for for the Senior Center, Lasser Park Improvements and Blooming Grove Police Department upgrades.

The Town Board was declared Lead Agency for the Proposed Project for improvements including the development of a new water supply, treatment plant building and water storage tank for the Tappan Homes Water District #4 .

A request by member Ryne Kitzrow would change the Conservation Advisory group's name from Commission to Board. This would not essentially change its powers, but they would receive notice of new projects related to the Open Space Inventory. It still will be operating in "advisory" capacity. A new member, Gavin Chaing, was added as a Youth Conservation Advisory Commission member with a term effective through December 31, 2023.

In other business, the granting of a Peddler's Permit to Sebastian Bell of Trinity Solar (based on a successful background check and Town Attorney revies) sparked a brief discussion of whether there should or could be time limits on when sales persons can knock on people's doors and come on their private property. Jeroloman stated that it's a constitutional issue, and that while they can't restrict people with licenses from knocking on doors, homeowners may either add their name to a "No Solicitation" list kept at Town Hall, and/or any homeowner can post a "No Soliciting" sign at the entrance to their property and/or on their front door.

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