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Best of the Washingtonville Christmas Parade Images

Once again Washingtonville had a Village Christmas Parade to remember, with hundreds of attendees coming to enjoy the festivities.. In fact there were so many participants both in the parade and watching that many attendees had somewhat of a hard lesson whill zig-zagging the surrounding roads trying to find a way into the village proper. A separate tribe of revelers came through the northern subdivisions and walked about half a mile just in time to catch the first parade vehicle, and learned that they need to plan ahead and arrive near Main Street an hour or more early due to road closures. The Courier Journal is very a fortunate that Johanna Kiernan, former Deputy Supervisor, Town Historian, and person always ready to offer angelic help for a person or project , was once again on point. This time she was at the village square early and managed to get positioned for the best photo memories of the day. Along with the Holiday Market held at Fulton Square, numerous other holiday events are planned in the 'ville'.

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