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Assemblyman Schmitt Introduces K-9 Retirement Bill

Albany, NY — Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C,I,LBT,SAM - New Windsor) is proud to announce that he has introduced a new piece of legislation that will benefit retired K-9 unit dogs, creating a new program that will help cover the costs of veterinary care needed as these brave animals transition into their new lives.

The program would benefit the K-9 by providing funding to the handler or adopter. These monies would be used for annual checkups, parasitic prevention, and emergency visits along with medications needed for the K-9.

Orange County Shields President Anthony Laperuta stated, “Thank you, Colin Schmitt, for coming to the aid of our K-9 partners. These members of service risk their lives as much as every other law enforcement officer. Knowing they’ll be cared for after their service time is completed is appreciated by us all!”

Town of Blooming Grove Police Lieutenant Kevin Wakeham stated, “I applaud Assemblyman Schmitt for introducing this legislation. K-9 members of each police force are considered as much a part of the family of officers as any other member. To know that they will have funding available for their care after their service to the community reflects the appreciation that we know as fellow officers and is obvious that Assemblyman Schmitt understands, as well. Thank you, Colin!”

Deputy Chief Village of Montgomery PD Paul Arteta Quote stated, “K9s are dedicated law enforcement partners and trusted companions to the men and women who serve with them. While the apprehension of lawbreakers is their calling, they put the safety of officers and protection of the community first; they deserve our assurance of care in their retirement. They spent their careers protecting us, the least we can do is help protect them. Thank you, Colin Schmitt, for continuing to stand up for all members of law enforcement.”

Monroe Town Councilwoman Dorey Houle stated, “As a resident of the Village of Monroe whose police department has been well served by retired K-9 Simba and current K-9 Keen, I know the many ways police departments have benefited from these loyal and faithful officers. Thank you Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for recognizing the needs of these animals as they transition from their blue family to their forever family. Your support for all police officers, whether on 2 legs or 4, is very much appreciated.”

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “I am proud to announce my new piece of legislation that will benefit retired K-9s who served our communities honorably. This benefit will aid handlers and adopters to ensure we show our appreciation for these beautiful animals. Once they have had their final send-off and enter retirement, we must take care of them at all costs. This bill will set forth a new path, putting the health of the K-9 first and foremost.”

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