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Assemblyman Maher Apologizes for Being Misled By Fake Misplaced Veterans Scam

"I am devastated and disheartened upon a conversation with Sharon Toney-Finch at approximately 3:15 p.m. Thursday May 18, where I learned that the information regarding the YIT Foundation about homeless veterans being displaced is false. Their gross misrepresentation of the facts surrounding our homeless veterans is appalling.

The YIT Foundation purports to protect and support veterans, but the dishonest claims and fabrication of the facts by YIT does enormous harm to our homeless veterans by creating mistrust.

I am no longer affiliated in any capacity with YIT nor offering it any more of my help. I am calling for an immediate investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s office and the Orange County District Attorney into the YIT Foundation based on the new information that came to light today.

I would like to officially call on your office to investigate potential fraud of the YIT Foundation. It has come to my attention today that their recent claims to assist homeless veterans were not valid. I also believe there may be other fraudulent actions taking place. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me. I will be at your disposal.

While I believed Sharon was telling the truth, I do want to apologize for those that have been negatively impacted since this news broke.”

Brian Maher, Member of New York State Assembly

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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