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Anne Gayler Recognized for Her Years of Commitments to Blooming Grove Community

Longtime Blooming Grove resident Anne Gayler is leaving her beautiful cottage in Blooming Grove and moving to Beacon where she will continue to contribute to the Arts. Anne has been active, helping out with many Town projects, including the Blooming Grove Spring Cleanup. She is an accomplished musician and graphic artist.

Town Supervisor Rob Jeroloman and Highway Superintendent Wayne Kirkpatrick thanked her for her generosity and hard work... including but not limited to organizing "Blooming Grove Clean", which Jeroloman said takes months to set up to be the success that it is, by spreading the word in distributed flyers and sharing on social media and encouraging participation, as well as actually distributing the bright yellow trash bags and pick-up instruments.. Every Spring the Highway Department picks up tons of the trash that the community places for pickup after residents put the bags roadide, and makes sure the Town welcomess Spring by showing its beauty. With all the work she has done, Anne is known and appreciated by everyone in the community and she has promised to return for regular visits.

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