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Washingtonville News of The Week

Washingtonville is a small but very active village in the Lower Hudson Valley,

County of Orange. It is a mix of families with historic local backgrounds, transplants from Bergen and Rockland Counties, and New York City, many which moved for its country atmosphere, parks, sports activities, good schools, proximity to the Hudson River and Tourism sites in Orange County. It also boasts of a historic (recently renovated) historic library and the Brotherhood Winery (the oldest continuously operating winery in the United States. The business has 2 shopping areas including Fulton Square and Brotherhood Plaza including a Stop 'N Shop and another dozen stores,. Additionally there are dozens of quaint shops and businesses along its Main Street. It has strong Civil War roots, and legendary heroes both historic and current, with a significant population of firefighters and police officers, (many of which have served and continue to serve in New York City as well as locally), veterans and active service members.

This section of the Orange County Courier Journal is reserved for comments and updates by village officials. Residents as well as officials are free to submit a letter to the editor, but it must be fact-based and respectful. The Courier Journal is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies

Contributions of important news by officials will begin on May 1, 2023.

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