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Washingtonville Christmas Parade Lights the Skies & Children's Eyes

The Village of Washingtonville has long prided itself on its extraordinary Christmas Parade. This year did not disappoint. about 35 fire trucks and first responder vehicles came right down route 94, through the Village and to Washingtonille High School. I began in front of Walden Savings Bank, and so many roads were closed in the vicinity , both to avoid major traffic jams and to keep the Village Square area as safe as possible Police announced the actual parade route ahead of times, but not the other surrounding roads that were also closed resulting in many attendees walking a half mile or more to watfh the Parade as it passed by. Some even said they thought they saw police snipers on several village rooftops as an extra layer of protection, which fortunately was not needed .

Once the parade went into full action there were cheers, children running into the parade route between floats to snatch up a handful of the hundreds of candies tossed as several of the foats went by Santa was there, along with Mr. Grinch and a dozen or so other float characters.

Float characters shouted out their Merry Christmas wishes along with a variety of fload participant messages, most saying who they were and "Merry Christmas". One included a shoutout from one who said, "We have to go save the Princess" Many of the trucks tossed batches of candy to the children, who screamed and scrambled to pick it up before the next float came. By the time the parade had passed, there was a stretch of Route 94 by Walden Savings Bank that was covered in candies and artificial snow.

Here are a few photos from the Parade (more photos and videos coming tomorrow. We are told that the team from Monroe-Woodbury Fire Departmentwas chosen as the best float, and that this Parade was by far the best ever in Washingtonville!

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