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Earth Month - Everyone Must Do Ther Part - Wallkill Stepping Up to Protect Its Environmental Beauty

April 27th at the town of Wallkill town hall on tower drive the town board will have a public hearing at 7:25 PM if you live near the River known as the Shawangunk kill which separates Sulivan County from Orange County, if you have ever fished for trout in a clean trout stream in Sullivan or Orange County if you care about irreplaceable natural resources I suggest you come to this meeting. The town is looking to place a moratorium on development near the Shawangunk kill in effort to study the habitat, air, water, quality and species of this region. So that they can guide zoning and development in a way that will not hurt this great resource. I think this is an excellent move however I'm sure there's going to be a lot of people who push back against it. Anyone in our community who can come out and support the town board to move forward with this decision would be really appreciated. Please share this post some can fill the room with suppor

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