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Tragedy Hits Washingtonville Family on Good Friday - Community Stepping Up to Help

When a fire took everything from the family of Destiny Perez on Good Friday at Washingtonville Manor in the Village of Washingtonville, the community jumped in within hours and began a massive campaign of support.

Mayor Tom DeVinko said that he and Deputy Supervisor Cathy Gregg-Acevedo will be meeting with Destiny on Monday to find out sizes for clothing and shoes etc. We are, currently, making up bags of immediate necessities for the family. The Red Cross has stepped in to give some monetary help and they are staying at a hotel for now. A fund will be started but anyone wishing to give a direct cash or gift card donation can drop it off at the Village Hall starting on Monday after 9am. Clothing etc, once sizes are available, can also be dropped to Village Hall. DeVinko added "I have assured Destiny and her family that we will do whatever it takes to help them in their grief. Their family pup was, sadly, not able to be saved. I have total faith that our community will come together to help one of our neighbors get through this horrible loss. Thank you, in advance, to anyone who is able to donate."

Deputy Supervisor, Cathy Acevedo said, " We will be excepting donations at Village Hall tomorrow starting at 9am-3pm. Here are some suggestions if you would like to donate, local eateries gift cards, grocery gift cards, clothing store gift cards. I will post other needs shortly. Below is the go fund me to help this family. It takes a village and ours is the best. Remember any thing helps! Thank you. Clothing is Girls size 14 and Boys 5T"

Relatives of the family are also available to answer calls offering help. You can contact Destiny's brother, Justin Daniel Perez through Facebook. Residents know Destiny for her kind words in recent years at Stewarts in the Village.

Following is a Go Fund me in hopes that they can rebuild what they lost in this devastating fire.

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