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The Polly at Newburgh's Downing Park

The City of Newburgh hopes to have the planning and cost analysis in the months ahead for the new location of a former slave cemetery.

The city council has already selected a site at Downing Park to re-inter the former slaves whose remains were unearthed during excavation at the former Broadway School – now the city courthouse – several years ago.

Mayor Torrance Harvey said planning should be completed by the end of the year.

“At least a cost analysis, the renderings and a plan, that’s what we’re waiting on now – a consultant was hired for that,” he said. “Those things need to come on board as we go into the budget season which is September through November.”

The remains of over 100 former slaves were moved to SUNY New Paltz for study and safekeeping until the new monument is constructed back in Newburgh.

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