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Supermajority of Orange County Legislators Say "YES" to a County Park at Former LaGuardia Site

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Editor's Note: County can start planning the future of a large new County Park at the former Camp LaGuardia site now that they are sure they have a supermajority of legislators behind them on the project. It may be the biggest environmental win for the eastern part of the County because development of this park links to the Heritage Trail west and will connect to the coming Schunnemunk Trail northeast, all the way thourgh Chester, Blooming Grove, Washingtonville, Salisbury Mills, Cornwall and eventually to the Newburgh waterfront. What does this "supermajority" mean? It means EVERYTHING to the project and its trail linkages, as without legislative support the project would only be wishful thinking. Expanded story tomorrow in the Courier Journal with reaction from local officials for Premium subscribers. Edie Johnson

Blooming Grove/Chester – Over the years since the County of Orange purchased the former New York City homeless shelter property in the towns of Chester and Blooming Grove, there have been many proposals by private companies to redevelop it.

Nothing has ever materialized, and County Executive Steven Neuhaus is not enthused about any of those prospects.

“Over the last 10 years that I have been county executive, 90 percent of the people don’t have any money. They basically say if I can get this property for a song and you can give me money and not let me pay taxes, I think I could do something really cool with the property,” he said. “That’s not enough to me with the public’s best interest at heart.”

So, the county is in discussions about developing the large acreage into a county park, a concept that he said the county legislature is behind it.

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Source includes Mid-Hudson News Report

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