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Sullivan Lawmakers Fume Over NYC "Bait & Switch" Plan to House Homeless Instead of Ukraine Refugees

Updated: Mar 9

Monticello – The SUNY Sullivan dormitories have very low occupancy so officials were going to allow Ukrainian refugees from New York City to move in and earn an education.

But now, county lawmakers are charging New York City Mayor Eric Adams with a bait and switch plan to send some 100 homeless refugees to the college dorm instead.

Legislature Chairman Rob Doherty said he is all for allowing people from war torn Ukraine to move into the dorms and gain an education at the college.

There are places in Warwarsing and Lumberland, where they could integrate into the community very simply,” he told colleagues on Thursday. “But now, in typical fashion, that’s not the deal we are getting. So, I’m for the program, but the people should be people who are seeking higher education and not just housing.” Source: Mid-Hudson News

County Health and Human Services Commissioner John Liddle said the initial plan was for the Ukrainian students to be housed in the SUNY Sullivan dorms and be trained to fill employment gaps at the Center for Discovery.

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