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Round Hill Giclee Art Prints Set #2

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

A few more of our Giclee canv:as pieces, some 20" x 20" and some 16" x 24". exceptional environmental art prints, along with some that may be prited as cards on linen.

Country themed clothing including the art images, as well as hiking gear will be coming soon.

Mineral Springs- Mountainville, New York

Artist -Tom Lyons

Young Fox Kits in the Brush

Artist - Ed Frampton

Moodna Creek & Trestle Valley in Fall

Female Northern Harrier aka Marsh Hawk

Artist - Ed Frampton

American Ldy Butterfly With Secret Weapon of Owl Eyes on Spice BUsh

Artist - Ed Frampton

A Cozy Cygnet Cove

Female Red Tail Hawk Card or Square


Young Osprey

Fern Flicker, Square or Card

GBH Blending With His Perch

Peregrine Falcon, Fastest Animal on Earth

Artist - Ed Frampton

Hummingbird Square or Card

Owl in Brush Square or card- Ed Frampton

Fritillary Tiptoe, Square or Card

Artist - Ed Frampton

That's Just Ducky - Square


Lucasitic Vulture Should be - Square

Artist - Ed Frampton

If you are interested in purchasing a Round Hill Gallery Giclee Print

contact Edie Johnson (ejreporter@gmailcom, 845-381-0804. Please leave a text message or email with subject if I can't respond immediately and I will answer by the end of the day.

We will be having Membership Gallery Showings for Club Members in the Spring and Summer at my farm along with Biodiversity Trail Walks and maybe even a catered dinner.

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