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Orange County Legislature Allocates $1.5M for LaGuardia Cleanup to Prepare for New County Park

Blooming Grove/Chester – With the latest proposal to redevelop the massive former Camp LaGuardia property into a county park, the county legislature has allocated up to $1.5 million to clean up the site.

Now, with a county park plan on the table, Legislature Chairwoman Katie Bonelli said it must be remediated first. “Being a facility as large and with all the buildings, it has been sitting there vacant and we have had a lot of vandalism, and for the most part, want to clear some of those buildings; some of them are totally unusable and have to be taken down, and clean up the property,” she said. County Executive Steven Neuhaus would like to redevelop the site as a park similar to Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery

Source: Mid-Hudson News

This 258-acre site will also be the first stop along the new Schunnemunk Rail Trail links, continuiing through Blooming Grove, Washingtonville, Salisbury Mills, Cornwall and eventually to the Newburgh Waterfront. Signs are already going up along the portion in Blooming Grove/Washingtonville.

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