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Orange County Democrats Demand GOP Accountabiity on Migrant Housing Lies

Party Chairman Zak Constantine Calls Out Veteran Displacement Narrative "False" and Demands Apology From Republican Officials

Goshen, NY - Today Orange County Democratic Committee Chairman Zak Constantine released the following statement in connection with controversial claims and debunked narratives from Republican elected officials, related to asylum-seeking individuals temporarily housed in Orange County:

“We have witnessed a grossly irresponsible political spectacle from Orange County Republicans, who used a fake story to manipulate public sentiment, create division, and misdirect blame in the wake of migrant asylum seekers being relocated to the Hudson Valley. They claimed homeless veterans were displaced to accommodate migrants at a Newburgh hotel - a story that was promptly debunked by hotel management, employees, and the CEO of the Dutchess County Vet2Vet Program.

Yet, Republican Senator Rob Rolison and Assemblyman Brian Maher shamelessly promoted this lie. Rolison drafted legislation around the falsehood, while Maher, now admitting he was "duped," has yet to acknowledge the harm caused by his actions. The public deserves to know if these officials played a part in creating the forged hotel receipt distributed to the media to inflate their malicious narrative.

These Republicans' sudden portrayal as defenders of the homeless and veterans is transparently hypocritical, given their chronic underinvestment in social services. County Executive Steve Neuhaus and his Republican colleagues use vulnerable groups as smoke screens to conceal their failures - an intolerable political maneuver.

Our Democratic county legislative delegation stands firm in its commitment to truth, justice, and community welfare. We see through the Republicans' charade and won't allow it to overshadow the real issues at hand.

The migrant housing crisis is a national issue, fueled by Southern Republican governors like Texas' Greg Abbott, who exports migrant asylum seekers to states like New York, despite our collective responsibility to uphold international law. Yet, local Republicans, rather than questioning their colleagues' lack of responsibility, choose to point fingers at fellow New Yorkers.

We must reject these deceitful tactics that jeopardize community unity. It's time to focus on truth and solutions, not lies and blame games.

The Orange County Democratic Party calls on Rob Rolison, Brian Maher, Steve Neuhaus, and other local Republican officials to apologize for spreading misinformation about this sensitive issue. We demand transparency and accountability from our elected officials.”

The Orange County Democratic Committee is the organization that oversees and provides coordination for the largest political party in Orange County, NY. We support dynamic candidates with new ideas and diverse life experiences, from all walks of life.

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