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Newburgh's Police Commissioner Gomerez Announces Partnership With Adelphi University

CITY OF NEWBURGH (NY) – The City of Newburgh Police Department is proud to announce our innovative partnership with Adelphi University’s School of Social Work to place two Master of Social Work candidates within the Department during the academic year. The MSW Candidates will conduct weekly social work supervision, including issues related to the emerging field of Police Social Work, and help to connect individuals to the services they need. This exploratory field placement allows for an inside, day-to-

day view of a Police Social Worker’s caseload, and enables the Police Department to appropriately respond to individuals in crisis. Additionally, the MSW Candidates will continue to nurture relationships between the

Department and community providers. “This innovative partnership with Adelphi University’s School of Social Work builds on the promise I made

to our City’s residents – that our Police Department will engage in smart, responsive policing that is deeply informed through community engagement,” said City of Newburgh Police Commissioner José A. Gomérez. “We will continue building relationships with our community partners to find creative approaches

and assist our residents in crisis.”

This partnership comes as an emerging consensus develops among stakeholders and academics that collaborative relationships between police departments and mental health professionals leads to better outcomes. This partnership is the first step in exploring the position of Police Social Workers within the City

of Newburgh Police Department and will allow the Department to both address the root cause of issues and connect members of our community with needed services.

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