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New Windsor Women Hold Schmitt for Congress Rally

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

New Windsor — New York State Assemblyman and candidate for New York’s 18th Congressional District Colin Schmitt (R-New Windsor) yesterday, joined the Women for Schmitt coalition rally. The Women for Schmitt coalition and other guests attended the event to show their unwavering support for the election of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, candidate for NY-18.

The women represented a diverse cross-section of the region ranging in age, personal, and professional background. The dozens of attendees included local business owners, students, veterans, homemakers, retired professionals, elected leaders, retired and active law enforcement, and more. These women not only stood with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt today but pledged to do all in their power to ensure he is elected on November 8th.

Beverly Cannelli, a resident of New Windsor stated, "Colin Schmitt saved my life. When I discovered that I had stage one breast cancer, we had to do the surgery and the copay fees were too much to bear. I contacted Colin Schmitt and he took care of it all, without hesitation. Colin Schmitt is a man of integrity, a man who reaches out to our senior community and is always there for us. Inside and out, Colin is an incredible person and I am so thankful to join with my fellow Women for Schmitt coalition members in making sure we elect him to congress!”

Retired police officer, Rhonda Morris-Davoren, said "As women in the community, as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, business owners, seniors, and working families, we gather today to put our support behind Colin Schmitt! This is a coalition of women supporting Colin Schmitt on every issue. Women’s issues and issues in the community that impact women. Colin is a fighter, a proven leader, and one of the most bipartisan members of the state legislature. Colin is our public safety candidate for Congress. He is fighting every day to protect women and families, and that is why more than 15 law enforcement organizations have endorsed him. We are proud to stand with him and are eager to have a member of congress who will always put the Hudson Valley first! He is attacked daily with false attacks. We will not be silenced. We are Women for Schmitt!”

“Nikki Schmitt, Colin's wife stated, "I must admit, the decision for Colin to run was not an easy one. We knew the other side would be ruthless and the rhetoric would become hostile. But, we also knew our country was headed in the wrong direction and that something needed to be done. That is the type of person Colin is; a fighter, a leader, and he takes issues head on and he never gives up. It has been the honor of a lifetime being with him during his service to our communities through his service in the military, his service in the Assembly, and now, his upcoming service to the Hudson Valley as our next Member of Congress. This coalition of women proves how much of a fighter Colin is for us and our needs. We are all Women for Schmit."

Former Assemblywoman and Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt stated, “Colin has always been the type of leader and courageous fighter that we need to protect women and families in the Hudson Valley. From a young age, I knew what type of a public servant Colin would be, one focused on the issues, one who had the resolve to get the job done, and one who would be tireless in working across the aisle to find common ground. He is the most bipartisan member of our state legislature and will take that commitment with him to Washington where he will serve honorably and ensure our Hudson Valley values are represented effectively and without hesitation. We are Women for Schmitt!”

Gina Hansut, Ulster County Legislator stated, “Colin Schmitt is a dedicated leader and fighter for the Hudson Valley. His work ethic is second to none and he is committed to ensuring women, children, and our families are protected. Through his support for law enforcement, his tenacity in pushing back against wasteful government spending, and his common sense policy platform, we can rest easy knowing Colin is fighting for us. I am proud to join the Women for Schmitt coalition and can’t wait to call Colin Schmitt, my congressman.”

Village of Fishkill Mayor Kathy Martin stated, "It is a true honor to join with local Hudson Valley women in supporting Colin Schmitt. Colin is dedicated to serving the public in the legislature and in the military. He is a supporter of parental rights, public safety, a strong and robust economy, and the security of our communities and country. I am proud to be a Woman for Schmitt and I call on all women in the Hudson Valley who believe they should have a say in their child's education, more money in their wallets and less given to the government, a right to a safe community to raise their families, support Colin Schmitt.”

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt responded to the group of supporters, “Several years ago this coalition was formed by women in the community supporting me to take back the 99th Assembly District where working families were left behind. You all joined me, supported me, and ensured we were victorious in that race. In my first two terms in the State Legislature, we made huge strides in our fight to ensure women were protected in the State of New York. I supported and continue to support equal pay for equal work, domestic violence protections for women to ensure justice, helped enact “Shannon’s Law” which provided healthcare coverage for women, and I supported new laws addressing maternal health and infant mortality. These are just some of the dozens of, co-sponsored and supported bills that have a direct positive impact on the women and girls of New York State.”

Schmitt concluded, “Beyond my votes, it is also about being there for your community when they are in need. I fought tirelessly to ensure we reopened our schools, led the charge for “Let Them Play” to resume all interscholastic sports when the government held our kids back, and I continue to fight every day to repeal our disastrous “No Bail” laws in the state that put our communities at risk. It is imperative that we use common sense when governing. Our country is at a crossroads, but there is hope. When we take back the House and restore checks and balances to Washington, I will continue my fight for our local communities day in and day out. That is why I humbly ask for your support on November 8th and elect me to Congress in NY-18.”

The new NY-18 congressional district encompasses all of Orange County and parts of Dutchess and Ulster counties. To learn more visit

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