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NEUHAUS - "NYC & State Lied & Brought Busload of Asylum Seekers"-Second Busload Arrives

Last night, both the State and City assured the Town of Newburgh and Orange County that no buses with asylum seekers would be here until further notice.

However, as many of you know, a bus carrying asylum seekers arrived at the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh this morning. The blame for this lies with the Mayor of New York, who originally opened the door for as many undocumented immigrants as possible to his self-proclaimed sanctuary city, and the Governor. She has sat back and done nothing as this crisis has negatively impacted New York State. The New York State Police, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Supervisor of the Town of Newburgh and his police department were not notified that these buses would be arriving today.

Sadly, we have learned that you cannot trust the words of New York City’s Mayor and the leadership of New York. We are not done fighting this and I will have an update on this matter later this afternoon.

In an inteview with Mid-Hudson News yesterday, Neuhaus clarified that he has respect for those coming to America for a better life and it's the process that is terribly flawed.He did note that immigrants are what made America great.

“The more people that come in, their ideas and their backgrounds and diversity, really makes this country a great country,” he said. “But there has to be a plan on how to do it, ands that’s what is frustrating. We need some guidance, first and foremost the federal government has to make a decision – are they going to get amnesty, are they going to be staying in this country, are we going to give them a pathway.”

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Orangetown Town Supervisor Kenny Wednesday announced additional enforcement actions executed against the Armoni Inn & Suites Hotel in Orangeburg and the City of New York.

The City of New York announced plans Friday to house over 300 migrants in the Armoni Inn & Suites Hotel in Orangeburg for four months, which violates the town’s local laws.

In response, the town filed a lawsuit and was granted a temporary restraining order late Tuesday by a judge.

“It is my understanding no buses will be coming from New York City but if they do the sheriff is authorized under the order to turn them away. The legal status of these individuals is irrelevant to this lawsuit,” the supervisor said. “This has to do with zoning codes and legal use of this property.”

Thursday afternoon ao second busload arrived.

2nd Busload of Asylum Seekers Arrives Thursday Afternoon - Photo by Bob McCormic...Mid-Hudson News

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