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MY VIEW - Sue Anne Vogelsberg

Comments below by Former Village of South BLooming Grove Trustee, Sue Anne Vogelsburg regarding Public Heaing on 4o-20-23

As requested by VSBG Planner Shepstone at VSBG's Planning Board Public Hearing on 04-20-23, i am submitting a written version of my comments on "Prospect Gardens" subdivision. As always, i have included local media.

* The only documents for "PG" were initially presented to the public at the 3-16-23 Planning Board meeting. As there are no updated documents, it's challenging to make comments when we don't have all the info, ie NO report from DEC on stormwater mgt pond, NO report from Town of Blooming Grove as project borders on it, NO report from the County GML review, NO report form County Health Dept.

* cover letter has tax ID # for "Sleepy Hollow" NOT "PG"..i expect that will be corrected.

* NO approval was rec'd for this project yet clear cutting took place on 3-17-23 less than 24 hours after initial presentation to public. Will trees be replaced if project does NOT get approved?

* Prospect Road continues to crumble at the edges making it less wide to allow for two-way traffic. With more construction vehicles with increased weight, Prospect Road will be stressed even more. How will that road damage be addressed? I saw no no plan for that in these documents. Will Prospect Road be realigned for safety?

* What's the estimated population for the proposed housing units? That would impact both water and sewage usage.

* Will the proposed playgrounds be open to all VSBG residents?

* Where's the testing data that supports the claim of 59,670 gals/day of water usage?

* Where's the testing data that supports sewage output of 59,670 gal/day?

* Maximum pumping capacity: TBD?????? I would think a definitive number is needed!

* Will storm water mgt. pond be fenced off for safety?

* Excess run-off water will go to on site storm water pond then to Satterly Creek...they'll be NO run-off to adjacent properties or Prospect Road? This section of Prospect floods at intervals.

* The 'schools'/Houses of Worship at 206, 212, 216 Prospect look to be within 1500 ft. of this project and yet they were not mentioned. NO mention of the effect of this project on Lake Hildegarde-also within 1500 ft of this project.

* Who are the members of the Community Design Review Committee? They are NOT identified on their report. Are they trained professionals? Are they volunteers with opinions?

* This project can't be looked at in isolation especially since various subdivisions are also simultaneously before the PB, eg. Treza Lane...also with a stated connection to municipal water and sewer. If current residents are continuing to have water/sewer complaints and if the VSBG website continues to post "mandatory water restrictions" how can new development procede when VSBG can't meet current needs? I suggest more info is required from various government agencies, so an informed decision can be made for this project's viability.

Sue Anne Vogelsberg

242 Prospect Road Monroe 10950

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