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Mt. Lodge Park Fire Department Holds Open House & Teaches Safety

Mountain Lodge Park & Blooming Grove EMS held their Annual Open House on Saturday, September 30. Between the fun exploration of a fire truck and coloring book along with crayons, they helped children gain conidence that Firefightes, Ambulance Corps people, and Police Officers are kind and are there to help. A Posterette listed what kind of injuries are particularly serious.and might need Emergency Medical Treatment.

Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Company

& Emergency Medical Services

One of the most exciting parts of the Open House was that the Fire Department brought in an actual Fire Simulator. Attendees got to see and feel what happens while a house fills with smoke and flames, and learn the importance of making a PLAN!

Minute by minute it became more scary. The Mt. Lodge Fire Department FB page shows a video of when the room filled with so much smoke that nothing

could be seen....attendees were reminded again MAKE A PLAN!

Blooming Grove Police Officers came to meet and get to know residents, children and staff. It's important for children to know at a young age that

police officers are their friends.

ServePro is known for cleaning what may look unsalvageable after emergencies

Here come the burgers..... YUM!

Reminders for the kids, that will help the lessons of the day sink in

Snacks and Pops

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