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Local Republicans and Democrats Weigh In On McCarthy Speakership Being Vacated

US Capitol

The three Hudson Valley House members were divided on the ouster of Speaker McCarthy. In an effort initiated by right-wing members of Congress, McCarthy, a California Republican has been ousted as Speaker of the House in a vote of 216 to 210. The move, known as a motion-to-vacate, passed when a handful of Republicans voted with House Democrats to remove McCarthy.

Democrat Pat Ryan (NY-18) voted in favor of the Speaker’s removal, while Republicans Marc Molinaro (NY-19) and Mike Lawler (NY-17) voted to keep McCarthy in the Speaker’s chair. Ryan took to social media to explain his vote. “It’s about delivering results and Speaker McCarthy has failed Hudson Valley families at every turn. He’s leading the charge to enact a national abortion ban, voted to kick 18,000 NY-18 residents off their healthcare and to cut heating assistance for low-income families by 74%,” wrote Ryan. “When a devastating flood struck our district, McCarthy refused to survey the damage. Instead, he held a fundraiser.” Referring to McCarthy, Ryan concluded, “We don’t need more traitors. Now is the time for patriots to step up and deliver for the American people.”

Molinaro, who voted in favor of keeping McCarthy, believes the effort to oust the Speaker was political. “Upstate New Yorkers are sick and tired of the political games. I voted to retain Speaker McCarthy because he allows us to keep governing, address inflation, secure the border, and fight for the issues facing families, farmers, and small businesses,” wrote Molinaro.

Lawler also supported McCarthy and said that the effort to remove McCarthy detracts from what the House Republican majority was elected to do, which is serve as a check-and-balance on the Biden administration. “When you look at the critical work we are doing as a House Republican majority, it’s hard to get that work done when we are dealing with a motion to vacate,” said Lawler. In a social media post, he condemned the vote. “Today’s vote to remove Speaker McCarthy was a disgrace and undermined the institution and the important work of our country.” Work in the House of Representatives comes to a temporary stop until a new Speaker is elected. McCarthy has indicated he will not seek the post again, and it is unclear who the next speaker will be.

(Source: Mid-Hudson News)

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