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UPDATE: Hudson Valley Draft Horse Driving Lessons, Spring Plow, Pony Rides,Vendors, & More

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association is one of the best kept secrets of "Old Tyme Country" and Specialized Equine Events in our area of the Hudson Valley, New York.

This year's first Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association Driving Class was held on Feb. 26 with 13 students attending.

The Driving Class Schedule for the additional sessions is as follows: April 16, and April 29. All will be held at the Ulster County Fairgrounds, 1:00PM, with the exception of the last one, which will be at our Plow Day, at Hoeffner Farms, Montgomery, NY. The fee is $75.00 for the session, plus $15.00 for the membership, fee. This is a rare chance for local equestrian enthusiasts to fulfill a lifelong dream of draft horse driving, and the potential to start a whole new area of equestrian explertise.

Because the Hoeffner Farm lessons are the only ones that are in the Chester, Blooming Grove, Cornwall, Hamptonburgh, Goshen and Montgomery it would be wise to sign up early to be sure to reserve a spot!

April 29, our Spring Plow will be held at Hoeffner Farms from 10am to 4pm. We will have plowing, demonstrations, wagon and pony rides, music, and a petting zoo with a calf and two goats, vendors and food. People get a chance to see how fields are plowed for the agricultural community. Later in the season the corn is cut and shocked with a machine, but the driving horse still plays an important part. Learning to actually "Drive" a team is the dream of a lifetime for many horse lovers.

In sum, these events are a chance to jump back in time to see and be a part of life in the Lower Hudson Valley and Orange County as it was in the 1700's and 1800s...and still is in a few of these special times and places.

We are already expecting at least 20 vendors, so those interested should give a call to Robin Jurechko to reserve space. Vendor space is $35.

THEN! On May 13th the Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association will hold a ROUND AND SQUARE DANCE, and POT LUCK DINNER with a band at the Campbell Hall Firehouse. If you don't dance, come on over with some neighbors and join the fun. $10 for an evening of fun. Call for reservations Robin Jurechko 845-294-9016.

To join the Draft Horse Association and/or find out more information about participating in these activities call or message Robin Jurechko at 845-294-9016 DMJURE@FRONTIERET.NET


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