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Historic City Club in Newburgh to be Restored

The fire-damaged former City Club building on Grand Street in Newburgh is going to be redeveloped for mixed use. Mayor Torrance Harvey said a developer acquired the shell of a building through a request-for-proposals process.

“My understanding is that it is going to be mixed use – commercial and residential, some live-in art workspace, possibly some commercial some retail space perhaps,” he said.

The building, which sustained serious fire damage, is almost immediately adjacent to the Newburgh Free Library and board of education offices There has ben a push in recent years by the public to save it and its restoration has been promoted on its own Facebook page.

City Club is known also as the William Culbert House, is a historic ruin at the corner of Grand and 2nd Streets in Newburgh, New York. Designed in the early 1850s by Calvert Vaux and Andrew Jackson Downing, the house survived Urban Renewal efforts but succumbed to fire in 1981

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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