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"Hibernation" and "Wintering", Round Hill Students Learn About the Ways of Winter Survival

Most people get the idea that animals have survived for millenia by scurrying deep into burrows, caves and walls. It has taken many years, but modern day folks are even taking a cue from them in a new trend called "Wintering" Not only can we learn "about" animals, sometimes we can learn "from" them.

Round hill students took a closer look about what hibernation means, and even built shelter in Mrs. Kerilee Berben's library. Then they listened to the story, "A Loud Winter's Nap," written by Katy Hudson. Students have been working on finding patterns or repetition of words in their books in their classrooms. In the library, students looked for repeating words in the story. Then, students built a place for tortoises to hibernate out of Legos.

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