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Introducing our first Gallery Collection . Heron & Trestle, includes of some of the best graphic art and photography for sale in the Lower Hudson Valley, and will be making its debut for the Holidays. The Heron was chosen as one of the two top emblematic images. It was chosen because to the casual observer a Great Blue Herons appear to have just stepped out of the Dinosaur Age. This demonstrate somewhat of a miracle that they have survived despite the many changes we have made to their world. And the Moodna Trestle/Viaduct is one of the most iconic images in the Lower Hudson Valley. It shows man's effort to tame the Hudson Valley, but in a way that preserves its beauty. This is why the Trestle is another special miracle of sorts, one revered throughout the region.

The first set of these beautiful prints, by Ed Frampton and Tom Lyons is printed and is currently on display at Walden Savings Bank in Washingtonville. Signage, a pricelist, business cards and a catalogue of available prints is in the process of being printed and should be ready by Thanksgiving, with the hope that these prints will make someone a great Holiday gift, something they can give to likeminded friends who love the environment, and especially that of the Hudson Valley. They will however be growing daily o this page, so check back every few days to view some spectacular local art. A Guest Book is with the display for anyone interested in getting in touch with me about purchasing copies (E. Johnson at 845-381-0804). If you leave your name and phone number I will add you to our interested customer list and call you as well as send you exciting notifications (including free gifts) in the coming months. We are also planning a display at several local Holiday displays in Washingtonville, and expect the available art collection to double by Christmas and triple by Spring and will then be available to purchase online.

See a slideshow below of prints that can be ordered now, and later this week there will be another of the next set of additional prints available in the coming months.

Depending on the size of the prints made while maintaining a resolution that shows their true beauty, most copies are available from $14 for a few small special prints that are perfect for a child's room, to $20 and $30 for some miscellaneous sizes and $50 for a few spectacular large (24" wide) Heron prints and one each of the Trestle with Flowers and another with foreboding yet beautiful storm clouds that the Trestle seems to attract. Even larger prints may be available by Summer for $75 to $125.

Prints are currently being sold unframed and we encourage anyone ready for their print to be framed to call and stop by Orange County Print and Design (the home of the Courier Journal) for professional framing. Some of the digital copies can also be printed at OCP&D on canvas and they can guide you through choosing the right frame, which can really highlight the art piece. Buyers can purchase a magnetic country style hanger for $10 (refundable if they have the art framed and no longer need the hanger and want to return it). The magnetic rustic hanger is a great option if you want to give the Art Print as a gift (see several magnetic frames in the images below). We will also will have protective tubes for free in which you can safely keep any prints you purchase until framed or optionally wrap the tube and give it that way with a card as a gift. However, fully framed these incredible Art Prints will show their true beauty.

Current Display Selection at Walden Savings Bank, Washingtonville

Heron and Trestle not only supports local artists and promotes the spectacular environmental attributes of our area, it will donate a 10% contribution to one of several groups committed to future protection of the land along the Schunnemunk Rail Trail. Another 5% will be given to an organization (specific organization chosen each year) that holds activities for children with special challenges.

Sale of these prints will soon have its own website but will still be linked to the Art Section of the Courier Journal online. We expect several additional talented artists to join the project soon and will have a short "Bio" of each artist and eventually details about every art subject. Some lovely and fun old-fashioned greeting cards will join the larger prints over the coming months, along with a few of our favorites that will be made into jigsaw puzzles.

We have additional plans as the Schunnemunk Rail Trail develops (planning by Orange County is currently under way and construction is beginning this January). The trail will continue from the Heritage Trail at the former Camp LaGuardia site which the County is hoping to develop as county parkland, through Blooming Grove, behind Fulton Square and Mays Field in Washingtonville, and on to the Moodna Trestle in Salisbury Mills and Cornwall where visitors can join up with the multifaceted trail systems up on the Schunnemunk Ridge and Black Rock Forest. We hope to design and offer hiking gear, maps and some country style clothing (Tee's, jackets, backpacks, etc.) by next Sumer and offer them at a site in Washingtonville, at Trestle Valley Equestrian Center/Parkland festival events as well as a possible future gallery there. A limited supply of both the art prints and eventually the hiking gear will also be available at my farm in Blooming Grove, a historic rural farmland site that was settled in 1810. The farm is on Round Hill Road and includes a designated Biodiversity Corridor and protected views of wetlands with Round Hill and the Schunnemunk Ridge in the background. Sunsets here are stunning, and if you bring little ones they can say "Hello" to Penelope Burro".

The art will also be displayed at Blooming Grove's new 6,00 sq. ft.Senior Center at Lasser Park when completed and we hope that a temporary partition at the rear of the building which is planned to be a Community Room will allow for some environmental speakers and learning opportunities. The foundation for the Senior Center is currently in the works and Supervisor Rob Jeroloman says l he hopes the completed building will be ready for use by Fall of 2023.

Please check back here in the Art Section of the Courier Journal ( items as they are added. Our hope is that by next Spring the Courier Journal and the Heron & Trestle will also have its own Podcast, featuring local artists, business owners, officials and environmental experts.

We are incredibly grateful for this selection of amazing prints by photographers Ed Frampton and Tom Lyons! Let us know how you like them, and I am happy to take and respond to any suggestions for Round Hill Gallery's future. - 845-381-0804


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