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Harry Potter themed STEM week concludes at Little Britain

Washingtonville — Little Britain students participated in a Harry Potter-themed STEM week. Librarian Danielle Dyroff transformed the library into a mystical experience where students could enter a world of creativity and problem-solving. “I get to do experiments and make stuff and try new things,” said fourth-grade student Vienna Conklin.

There were stations spread throughout the library, where students could choose their area of focus all week. Besides being Potter-themed, each station was related to STEM. Students could create jewelry, bookmarks, flags, wands and glasses, build legos, and complete a scavenger hunt. “I like to make bracelets and create them myself,” said Lilly Bautista, fourth-grader. “These kinds of activities take time and hard work.” Each month at LB, one week in the library is dedicated to a different theme of STEM-focused activities.

“It’s fun to do these activities,” said student Riley Doss. “Christmas week was my favorite because I made a gingerbread house out of cardboard and it was really realistic.” “With STEM, kids are encouraged to explore,” said Principal Dr. Christopher Barrie. “They get to invent, investigate and create. Months later, students still come up to me, analyzing ways they could have done a project better. They are really into it.” About Washingtonville Central School District:

With more than 3,700 students in five schools, the Washingtonville Central School District is committed to the intellectual, cultural, physical, and emotional growth of our children in a safe and supportive environment.

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