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Corner Candle Store Rising Like A Phoenix

Washingtonville - Ever since the Corner Candle Store in Washingtonville suffered a devastating fire almost a year ago (Nov. 4, 2021), rumors have been flying. Some were pretty sure it was going to be demolished. Others thought it had been sold even before the fire. The Corner Candle Store has been a fixture in the Village for so long that many couldn't bear to think it would no longer be there when you needed some very special gift for a friend or a family member.

Yesterday we got the truth straight from the Owner's mouth. Joanne Fine, messaged the Courier Journal yesterday and said "We decided almost immediately that we were going to restore the building. Everyone loves the barn, so old fashioned and welcoming. It’s been pretty much occupied continually since the mid 1840’s. A pretty good track record, if you ask me!"

An incredible amount of work has been done to restore the building from major damage. The work continues, and the store is beginning to look like its own self. When done, she said they plan to have a small community celebration and then offer it for a lease.

Anyone interested in leasing the building when repairs are finished can contact Joanne at

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