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CE Ed Day Digs Heels in, Warns NYC Mayor Against Plan to Ship 340 Migrants to Rockland

Rockland County Executive Ed Day

NEW CITY- In a weekend post on social media, Rockland County Executive Ed Day sent a stern message to New York City Mayor Eric Adams after Adams announced asylum seekers would be sent to Rockland County.

“Extreme actions warrant extreme measures,” wrote Day. “I warned the NYC Mayor that if you try to run us down we will reach up and grab you by the throat.”

To prevent Adams from sending 340 adult males to stay in a hotel in Orangeburg for four months, followed by an attempt to integrate these individuals into the county, Day issued a state of emergency, that disallows temporary housing in hotels countywide.

“This State of Emergency declaration is the first of its kind in an inter municipal scenario and the hotel and any City personnel will be looking at the potential of arrest and/or daily fines of nearly $70,000 for violations of this edict.” wrote Day. “I promised that Rockland would not yield so here we are. No wavering and no retreat.”

New York City also plans on sending individuals to be housed in a hotel in the Town of Newburgh in Orange County which was met with concern by County Executive Steve Neuhaus. Neuhaus has not issued a similar order for Orange County.

Source Mid-Hudson News

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