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Cannabis Legal- Some Restrictions in Newburgh. Middletown Allows Use, but not Sale (44 job ads).

Newburgh has adopted new weed laws.


Now that the use of cannabis is legal in New York, the Newburgh City Council has voted to adopt an ordinance amending its zoning to allow it. Councilman Omari Shakur expressed concern about city employee testing for the drug, which was addressed by City Corporation Counsel Michelle Kelson. “It’s more about whether the employee is impaired on the job, not what they do on their off hours, so we have revisited the city’s policies and procedures following up on the change in New York State law relative to adult use of cannabis and cannabis products,” she said.

Soure: Mid-Hudson News

With the legal requirements different from town to town, partygoers had better know the local laws of each municipality if they are driving any distance...what is legal in one town may not be in another.

Meanwhile, there are 44 cannabis related jobs listed on the "" jobsite available in Middletown - the list includes all levels of jobs from management to warehouse.

When the City of Middletown met earlier this month, they amended their code. It is illegal to sell cannabis products in the City of Middletown and the common council has amended the city code to reflect that.

Alderman Jerry Kleiner said modifying the code makes it more enforceable.

“We opted out in Middletown of allowing cannabis sales. That’s state law and this gives us a much better way to enforce the law locally so that we are able to bring people to court and protect the city,” he said.

"The local law does not prohibit people from using cannabis within the city, but dispensaries may not be established for the sale of the products."

Isn't that what is called a "Red Herring". Technically, if they're not growing it for "sale", what are they growing it for? Certainly one hopes there is more clarification if that is what the code says.

Then there is the question in Newburgh that whether an employee could be in trouble for cannibis consumption relies on whether their behavior is "impaired", just what are the criteria?

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