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Blooming Grove, Chester, Washingtonville, Salisbury Mills Get Real Step Toward Trail Dream

Updated: May 11, 2023


Two signs at the juncture of a long-awaited Schunnemunk Rail Trail were quietly set in cement just off of Route 94 in Washingtonville, one that is a path from Camp LaGuardia in Chester, through Blooming Grove to the Village of Washingtonville at the Washingtonville High School's athletic fields, and across the street where it continues through the village and heads on North behind Fulton Square and Route 208, just past bridge over the Moodna Creek. From there it continues North to Salisbury Mills where it will meet up with all of the

Schunnemunk mountain trails. Did anyone notice? Why YES, they're bright Orange County Orange.

The signs may seem like a small step, but this dream has been fought and worked toward by many in this Eastern quadrant of the County for decades, and more.

The Courier Journal, located right in the middle of the project, is eager to have a sit-down with County Exec Steve Neuhaus to find out what the next steps of the trail are, and when they will happen. There is plenty of work to be done before it's a usable trail, but we hope the first real steps can be celebrated with a red ribbon-cutting soon least at the first 2 sections of the juncture of the Heritage Trail and Schunnemunk Rail Trail at Camp LaGuardia, and these exciting trail entrances at the beginning of the Village of Washingtonville!

This is double-good news since it coincides with the Village of Washingtonville

s recently announced plan to develop Sewell Park (a 5 minute walk from the trail juncture) for some exciting environmental and social uses including a Pollinator Garden, Art Shows, Horticulture programs that will be coordinated with Washingtonville School District curricula, and a Bandstand, just to mention a few. These 2 additions to the charming Village in the Town of Blooming Grove could connect them to the growing tourism industry and make major strides to enable their hopes of becoming known as the enticing walkable village, which those who live there already know.

Stay tuned for more details. The access points may not be beautifully adorned with inviting benches, bushes, flowers, bandstand, and kiosk educations yet. But if there is anything Washingtonville knows how to do really well it's forming committees to develop attractive and fun community resources. A new committee has already been formed for the Sewell Park portion, and Mayor Tom DeVinko sees the area developing as a significant area Community Center, with a long list of events.

TWO BRIGHT ORANGE SIGNS, - The "Future's So Bright We're Gonna Have To Wear Shades".

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