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Avalon Medical Center Opens Primary & Urgent Care Facility in New Windsor

This State licensed diagnostic and treatment center will also

serve as region’s first orthopedic urgent care facility

New Windsor, N.Y. – Avalon Medical Center, LLC opened its

new primary care, urgent care and orthopedic facility in New

Windsor on Tuesday, September 26 th and is now seeing patients.

“We look forward to providing residents of Orange County and

its surrounding areas with some of the best urgent, primary and

specialty care,” said Leslie Lora, Avalon Medical Center’s

Administrator. “Avalon Medical Center is proud that patients of

all ages and backgrounds can have access to their healthcare

services closer to home in a comfortable atmosphere.”

In addition to primary care, urgent care and orthopedics, Avalon

Medical Centers’ specialties include spine surgery, radiology,

physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy, and

chiropractic manipulation. Avalon Medical Group was the first

medical facility approved by the New York State Department of

Public Health in more than 20 years and is a state licensed

diagnostic and treatment center. The New Windsor facility,

located at 121 Executive Drive, Suite 200, is a licensed

diagnostic and treatment center, and will serve as the region’s

orthopedic urgent care facility. Twenty-one doctors and support

staff will work at the state-of-the-art facility.

“Avalon Medical Center patients will benefit from a provider

with an experienced and talented staff,” said Dr. Francis Oko

Amarteifio, an Emergency Medicine physician with Avalon

Medical Center. “We put an emphasis on compassionate care

and attention to detail, while maintaining the highest standards

of care. This is an important moment for residents, who now

have access to exceptional primary care, urgent care, and

specialized care across a wide range of medical specialties.”

As the region’s first orthopedic urgent care facility, Avalon

Medical Center will serve and respond to the needs of patients

experiencing orthopedic ailments, including emergencies. The

practice has the capacity and expertise to take care of trauma-

related orthopedic cases, including fractures, quadriceps or

muscle repair, hardware removal, and foreign body removal.

According to The American Joint Replacement Registry, more

than one million total joint arthroplasties are performed in the

United States, which is expected to increase to four million by


“Our mission is to provide timely, convenient, and critical

orthopedic care to patients, allowing them to remain comfortable

and close to home,” said Dr. Edward Feliciano, an orthopedic

surgeon with Avalon Medical Center. “We offer full-service

care, from diagnosis, to surgeries, rehabilitation, and follow-up,

which will benefit residents. Patients will no longer have to

travel to New York City for these procedures because of our

investment into the community.”

Avalon Medical Center will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. The

office can be reached via phone at 845-407-0770 or email at For more information about

Avalon Medical Center, please visit


Photo Captions: Avalon Medical Group in New Windsor;

Avalon Medical Group X-Ray Technician Jill O’Brien in the

New Windsor office.

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