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Art for Our Future - Set 1

Updated: Jun 12

Spring at Trestle Valley, by Tom Lyons

at the juncture of Cornwall, Blooming Grove, Salisbury Mills, the Village of Washingtonville and New Windsor

Two of the options for expanding our ability to share the beauty of our local environment include sites in Blooming Grove and the Village of Washingtonville. We hope that these two sites (both of which are within a stone's throw of the new branch of the Schunnemunk Rail trail) can receive some consideration by the County, State and Federal grant and other support groups in order that some spectacular local artists, performers, environmental speakers, children's and trail advocate groups, officials and local businesses can share the very special advantages and beauties and wildlife of the Schunnemunk Ridge, lakes, farmland, and wide variety of intriguing critters we have.

Hey, it's named "Blooming Grove"! And do you think you just mighy also find some great historical images in "Washingtonville"?

These first of the Spring '24, are being added to some others already posted, and are soon to grow from concept and draft samples to beautiful framed and canvas images, as well as images on Tee shirts, bags, skirts, and all kinds of gifts for tourism visitors. The project needs a suitable venue site close to the new Schunnemunk Rail Trail in order to grow into the new Pride of the Community center it can be.

PLEASE - Let us know which of the images and at what potential venues in Blooming Grove and/or Washingtonville you would like to have this (one resident envisioned it as 'a somewhat smaller Bethel Woods'). During the new local Comprehensive Plan, we heard over and over "We want Festivals and a Pavillion!"

All images are by Ed Frampton and Tom Lyons and we are incredibly grateful for their exceptional work.

Edie Johnson -, 845-381-0804 (please include subject)

PAGE 1 - Please See "Art for our Future Page 2 for more

Above is the Wish List of residents at the Comprehensive Plan Public Session. If you look closely, the ones that are preferred (dots going right off the page), they are for "Community Center, Pavillion, and Art Center"

Potential Art, Environmental Learning, Festival and Community Center #1 at a visible environmentally beautiful site, possible Mixed Use.

Corner Candle Store on Depot Street, Village of Washingtonville

Potential Venue #2

Patience please! my laptop with 1,000 more images is having its final days, and I would like to finish the bulk of this Art for our Future Multiple-Part description before setting up and transferring everything to the new one. Much more to come!! Hoping to share at least another 20 of the new and favorite images this week. Edie

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