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Chairman Zak Constantine Criticizes Houle’s Efforts to Subvert the Ballot Counting Process and Prevent Certification of Orange County Elections

“We are gratified that Dorey Houle’s desperate attempt to deny the 2022 election has begun to collapse in court,” said Orange County Democratic Committee Chairman Zak Constantine. “Yesterday, an Acting Supreme Court Justice rejected Ms. Houle’s demands to prevent votes from being counted in Orange County, and he has allowed the Board of Elections to resume their diligent work on behalf of the public, after five days of being unable to do so. Once these counts are complete, James Skoufis will maintain his already substantial lead and be certified as the County’s State Senator.

“Election denialism has no place in politics. Orange County completed a vigorous and competitive election day that we can all be proud of, but certification of results has been stalled in every local race due to this baseless lawsuit. Contrary to her claim of wanting to ‘count every ballot’, Ms. Houle’s suit would exclude lawful votes. We thank the voters, poll workers and candidates from both parties who participated in the 2022 election and look forward to the timely resolution of this unsubstantiated litigation and a final ruling that upholds our state’s pro-democracy values.”

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