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Washingtonville Pins A New Sergeant in its Police Department

Next in line for honors on Monday was Edwin Ramos. Here he takes the oath of office when promoted and pinned as a Sergeant.

Chief Brian Zaccaro told of the day Edwin was hired, and the grin he wore from ear to ear when he figured out why the interview was taking so long.. On Monday his ear to ear smile was again evidence of how much he loves his job. Zaccaro praised Edwin for his his studies during his 6 years in the department, which helped him attain a broad base of teaching skills that then benefited the entire department.. He studied and then shared techniques of firearms training with the new 'red dot scopes' as well as use of tasers. Zaccaro said, adding that they appreciate he has a heart for education and teaching.

Fellow officers of the Washingtonville Police Department came to share in the ceremony and celebration.

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